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Welcome to my personal website.

Ií am to statistics, politicians, and the media, one of the single largest group in the UK, and the one who pays the majority of their salaries. We are the silent majority. The one politician ignores until election time, and immediately ignore afterwards, whilst the media ignore us all the time in its rush to defend any depressed minority with a grudge.
The group who politicians have told must work harder and longer so we can pay for them to have an early retirement, and a good pension in line with their status, whilst they cannot afford to pay us with our own money a decent one in return.
Well to all those political correct people out there. I have decided to call it a day; I have retired early and got out of the rat race. Why because I refused to work till I drop to prop up any  government, their QANGOs, and the legal systems, which likes to burn my money, defending their crazy ideas for a better Britain. So out there be warned, we are the Baby Boomers who in the sixty's wore flowers in our hair. Well its grey now and the flowers have gone.

And understand this..... We are not waiting for god.